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High Plains Fellowship  -  A Welcoming Family

A day at High Plains Fellowship is like a day with family. You will find us to be welcoming and unpretentious. Since we are a family who is intent on "being" the church, it doesn't feel like "church."  There is excitement in the air as we prepare our hearts for the Lord's presence.  Come join us and you will quickly see that we keep the main thing the main thing....and that is Jesus and His calling on us.

Who to Expect

You won't find perfect people or a perfect church. What you will find are regular people from all walks of life just like you, all seeking to know God at a deeper more intimate level.

Dress is casual or whatever is comfortable for you. When you enter the doors you immediately feel at ease and are welcomed as family.

What We Believe

We believe (1) that the Bible is the true Word of God to man, and as such, is without error and the ultimate authority. (2) God is all-powerful and eternal and reveals Himself to us as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (3) Man is God's ultimate creation created in His image. Man disobeyed God and as result fell from innocence as lived in the Garden of Eden and is now at enmity with God. Man's relationship with God can only be restored through saving faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross. (4) Salvation is freely offered to man through Christ who took our sin upon Himself so that all who will might be saved.

What we believe, as Southern Baptists, is detailed with scriptural references in "The Baptist Faith and Message."

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The Baptist Faith and Message

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