Matthew 6:6

Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon to see a large jar of tea sitting in the sun on Aunt Kizzy’s front porch.  You can ask some folks how to make it – and you might find out that they say there are multiple steps to making it.  HA!  Do you know what you need to make Sun Tea?  Sun, water, and tea bags.  That is it.  Let’s not make this complicated.

Prayer has become the same way.  Look at some of the books we have.  You will find articles and suggestions of classes that you can take that will teach you how to pray.  You could spend days – or even months – trying to figure out how to pray and never get around to actually praying.

The disciples who followed Jesus during His earthly ministry witnessed His devotion to prayer as He regularly retreated to privately talk to God.  When Jesus instructed His disciples on the practice of prayer,  He didn’t list seven ways to get closer to God.  There was nothing complicated in Jesus’ approach to prayer.

            Go into your room.  Shut the door. Pray.

Prayer is unhurried.  It’s uncomplicated.  It’s refreshing.  Kind of like a nice, tall glass of sun tea.


Lord, thank you for modeling a consistent prayer life.

  Help me to follow Your recipe for prayer

and not the complicated concept the world offers.



*adapted from “Devotions from the Front Porch” by Stacy Edwards