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Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

by Pastor Paul Floyd on August 05, 2019

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately concerning the murderous mass shootings you may have a tendency to think gloom and doom. But I have good news for you: God is sovereign! He is still King and still in control.

The recent string of mass shootings in the United States causes (and rightfully so) great angst and concern across our great nation. These senseless cowardly murders affect us all.  It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation or leaning is. Murder and violence are real and serious problems in the US.

Voices on both sides of the spectrum are attempting to shout down each other.  They are trying to blame each other, the gun owners and even the gun manufacturers.

The right solution will never be arrived upon until the real cause is identified and addressed.  So, the question is: what is the real cause?  Is it gun-makers selling military style weapons?  Too many guns in America?  Too few guns in America? Lack of adequate gun control? Lack of timely intervention by the government?

Our leaders are ignoring the importance of identifying the cause. They immediately go “reactive” and begin debating solutions such as stricter gun-control measures or less guns on the streets, or more guns with open gun carrying. There seems to be no end to these proposed “solutions.”

Logic dictates that any “solution” will not solve the problem unless the “solution” addresses the cause. Do you want to know what the cause is?  It is simply man’s unrighteousness.  It is man’s unrighteousness which suppresses the truth concerning what can be known about God (read Romans 1).  According to Romans 1, there comes a time when God says, “enough.”  Five of the saddest words in the Bible are found in Romans 1:24 which are “Therefore God gave them up…”

We have come to a point in America where God has removed his hand of blessing. He has “given us up” to our sinful desires. We are imploding as a nation. Without God’s hand of mercy upon us we are doomed.  Things will not get better…unless we repent they will only get worse.

Consider how God dealt with the Israelites in the Old Testament. One generation would honor him, the next would not. God would remove  his blessings, the people would repent and God’s blessings would return. The next generation would forget about God and do “evil in his sight.” God would then remove his hand of mercy and allow them to destroy themselves or be invaded by neighboring nations. They would repent, God’s blessings would then return. It was a cycle that repeated itself over and over.

As we’ve all said before, history repeats itself. Our nation began as a Christian nation. It started with a few people searching for a place where they could worship the One True God the way they wanted, not the way their government wanted them to. Our country is based on biblical principles and values. However, as we have been blessed by God, we have turned our backs on Him and done “evil in his sight”. As a result, God has “given us up” to our own desires and passions.

The solution to the cultural problems in America is simple: America must repent and call upon the One True God who blessed us from day one.  This country needs the hope of the Gospel of Christ more than ever.

Do not be discouraged. Do not be afraid. No matter what goes on around us, our mission as a church (universal and local) has not changed.  Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” 

Be steadfast. Do not waver.  Do not worry.  Continue resolutely in your mission and go forth sharing the hope we have in Christ Jesus. He is the ONLY solution that properly addresses the cause of the issues that plague our country. 

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