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Pastor's Blog

COVID-19 update and thoughts

by Pastor Paul Floyd on March 19, 2020

Churches all across our great nation are closed for the near foreseeable future. The lights are out and it is an eerie feeling. Satan wrings his hands gleefully. People begin to panic and hoard, Christians worry. Satan’s plans to use this virus to bring fear across the land and disrupt the gathering together of the saints is coming to fruition (he thinks). How quickly he forgets how the first churches started in the first century. He has forgotten that the first churches started in homes, and flourished! So do not worry, dear friends.

For the time being we will simply get back to “basics”. God is still God and He is still in control. We plan to honor our government’s request to keep gatherings to 10 or less. It is not an attack against Christianity as some would think. It is simply a bold move to slow down, reduce and eradicate COVID-19. Therefore, we respectfully submit to our government’s recommendations (see Romans 13:1-3) and eagerly await the news of when we can start meeting as a full body of believers again.

Repeatedly throughout church history, as Christians were persecuted, they were driven into their homes to worship privately in small groups. Do you know what happened? Christianity exploded! I see these times as, yes, trying – but even more so, EXCITING! As we begin worshiping in our homes in small groups, invite unbelievers and the unchurched to join you. They are more likely to visit your home than your church.

We, at High Plains Fellowship, plan on Facebook live broadcasts of our Sunday services beginning at 11:00 MST sharp. There will be 10 or less people in our sanctuary and they will be more than the required 6 feet apart. Do not be afraid to open your home to a few people you know. Ask them to join you. Share the hope of Christ. Show them you have faith in a God who is bigger than all of this.

When this is all over, I pray there will be a renewed appreciation for the gathering together of the church body and that believers across the land will recommit themselves to faithful attendance and growth in the Lord. I see a revival across the land! Do not fear! We serve a mighty God! "See” you on Sunday at High Plains Fellowship of Lamar!

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